Project Meanwhile

Meanwhile is a theatrical, thought-provoking social experience that supplements a local exhibition in a pop-up location

New Experience

Project Meanwhile is a theatrical, thought-provoking social experience that supplements a local exhibition in a pop-up location. We collaborate with different organizations and institutions within the Philadelphia community to create an alternative nightlife experience. Our purpose is not only to create a new way to experience museum exhibitions, but open an institution’s visitor base so more people can explore their vast collections and stories.

Unique Adventures

No two Meanwhile events are exactly alike. Each experience will pull inspiration from a different collection housed in a different Philadelphia museum as well as the site of the installation. We aim to create engaging and exciting adventures where visitors are co-producers of the exhibition’s story. We curate the environment to be an energizing, playful community where people can socialize, mingle, inquire, explore various storylines at their leisure, and walk away feeling like they’ve taken a piece of history with them.

Alternative Approach

Our research has primarily focused on exploring the draw of immersive theater, experiential learning, storytelling through exhibition design and the gaming industry. Philadelphia is rich with museums–each containing a treasure trove of Meanwhile stories. They’ve inspired us to stitch these things together to create a new, never-been-done-before nightlife experience.

We are an experimental design collective working to create a new pathway for visitors to connect with Philadelphia’s extraordinary museums, collections and their hidden stories. 



To strengthen an individual’s connection with Philadelphia museums by creating experiences inspired by particular collections in a social, theatrical, and unique space.


1. To highlight a Philadelphia museum’s collection and increase visitor awareness of that museum
2. To help fulfill the mission of the partnering museum
3. To create accidental/surprise/unexpected learning experiences (Surprise! you just learned something)
4. To facilitate personal connections between visitor and museum collection
5. To increase museum content accessibility